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About our Plant and Operators

The Wastewater treatment plant at South Martin Regional Utility (SMRU) is a "Contact Stabilization Treatment Facilityā€¯. It is designed, operated and maintained to ensure the highest level of treatment achievable with this process. The management and staff are dedicated to meeting or exceeding all compliance standards set forth by the regulatory agencies governing its operations. Highly skilled and conscientious operators are continually striving to improve the quality of treatment.

With protection of the environment and dedication to improving treatment quality as a top priority, SMRU management takes an active role for its staff's continued education in the latest and most current technologies within in the wastewater treatment industry. State of the art process control, automation and monitoring equipment are also employed to assist with around the clock reliability. SMRU's treated wastewater has demonstrated sufficient quality to exceed the stringent regulations required by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) to allow this facility to be designated as a reuse facility. The treated effluent is permitted for reuse as irrigation water on local golf courses and within residential communities, which in turn provides an additional benefit to the environment by reducing dependence on Florida's increasingly limited resources of natural ground water.