SMRU promotes conservation in all aspects of our community. We strive to maintain our public image as an environmentally concentious utility and to serve as an example to others. We conserve our water sources by operating a high tech. reverse osmosis facility that utlizes resources designated as "alternative water sources" by the South Florida Water Management District and balance our operational decisions to consider ecology, while maintaining conservative energy practices to minimize the carbon footprint of our water system. Additionally, we make strident efforts to utilize every drop of water that is removed from our aquifers so that nothing is wasted. This comes full circle as the wastewater generated from our water system is returned to the aqufers through land application of our irrigation water.

Part of our community example is to work with the schools both locally and globally to involve and educate children on how to practice conservation. In 2008 we led a poster contest that allowed the childern to compete for a spot within our 2008 "Be Water Smart" calendar. In 2008 we will be working outside the borders of our country to pomote a simliar contest for next year's 2009 calendars. Please take a moment to look through the winning posters for the 2008 calendar below.