about us


The infrastructure Department of South Martin Region Utility is dedicated to providing professional, courteous and prompt service to all of its customers. The department consists of a team of motivated, highly skilled technicians with the expertise, experience and equipment to handle almost any situation which could arise throughout the many miles of collection/distribution mains, over 800 fire hydrants and nearly 100 Lift Stations. Our customers are our top priority as we strive to provide continuous, uninterrupted service. Occasionally, situations arise which require temporary disruptions, but our crews work diligently around the clock to return service to normal as quickly as possible. We are consistently looking for better and more efficient ways to reduce service interruptions through continued technical education and preventative maintenance. We have also established a program of ongoing rehabilitation for our lift stations, control panels and fire hydrants to further improve the quality of our service.  

Our inventory of specialized equipment includes 7 emergency response vehicles (2 equipped with cranes), 2 backhoes, 6 trailer generators, 5 high capacity trailer pumps, a fully equipped trailer solely dedicated for main repairs and an extensive supply of repair fittings to facilitate nearly any repair or emergency. In addition, we offer 24hr per day and 7 days per week assurance of service by having on-call personnel available day and night in the event of an emergency. In the extremely rare situation where a problem is beyond the abilities of our team, we have several outside contractors who are available to offer any additional assistance which may be required in areas ranging from electrical to heavy equipment and major re-construction.