Emergency Contacts

In the event of emergency, please contact the Customer Service office located at: 9000 Athena Street, Hobe Sound, FL 33455.
Phone Number: (772) 546-2511
SMRU receives many calls on a daily basis.  We respect all calls for their relative importance, however we ask that you review the following list to see how your condition is perceived:

  • Watermain break
  • Forcemain break
  • Lift station outage or alarm
  • Hydrant break or vehicular collision
  • Conditions that threaten damage to personal property
  • Suspicious activity including threats to health and safety
  • Theft of public property
  • Suspension of service due to non-payment
  • Questions about water quality
  • Billing issues
Leaks or breaks inside your home are the homeowner's responsiblity

We consider the needs of our customers very important.  If you do not see your issue identified here, or question whether or not your situation is an emergency, please go ahead and call.  We would rather you err on the side of caution.